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Paris TypeScript


photoParis Typescript

On se retrouve pour le quatrième meetup de l'année qui aura lieu online sur YouTube. Comme nous accueillons des speakers internationaux, ce meetup sera intégralement en anglais.

We meet again for the fourth meetup of the year that will be online on YouTube. As we welcome international speakers, this meetup will be in english.

Programme :

• Talk #1 : Serverless made easy for web developers, with WarpJS

Auteur : Dominique Péré, Nicolas Pennec

Durée : 30 min

Description :

Before to run a serverless web app in production, it can quickly be tedious for a web developer to code, test and deploy a front-end code linked to a serverless backend: writing, calling, routing, testing, securing the serverless function, and where, and how to deploy it can cause serious headaches.
To make your life easier, let me introduce you WarpJS, a FaaS platform with a unique serverless approach to code and deploy JavaScript backends, better, and faster. No more HTTP calls, serialization, functions provisioning, the hell of versioning or DevOps skills are required to get a backend online and running at scale on any cloud, and even on-premise.

• Talk #2 : Adopting TypeScript — good and bad reasons and how to do it

Auteur : Aleksandra Sikora (Hasura)

Durée : 20 min

Description :

Statically typed language? Sounds cool! Statically typed language and large JavaScript codebase? Sounds like a lot of work… Learn how we evaluated our options in Hasura and made the decision to adopt TypeScript! During this talk, I’m going to show what other languages we considered, and what aspects were most important. I’ll also present how the adoption looks like and what catches we face along the way.

N'hésitez pas à proposer votre talk via le repository suivant :

Do not hesitate to propose your talks here

A très bientôt !

See you soon !

Paris, - France

Tuesday, July 7 at 7:00 PM


Wroclaw TypeScript


photoWrocław TypeScript

Remember Lightning Types? We're doing it again.

This time, only lightning talks are allowed. Submit yours:

Wrocław - Poland

Wednesday, July 29 at 6:30 PM




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