TypeScript Twoslash

A markup format for TypeScript code, ideal for creating self-contained code samples which let the TypeScript compiler do the extra leg-work.

If you know TypeScript, you basically know twoslash.

Twoslash adds the ability to declare tsconfig options inline, split a sample into multiple files and a few other useful commands. You can see the full API inside the README

The Twoslash markup language helps with:

  • Enforcing accurate errors from a TypeScript code sample, and leaving the messaging to the compiler
  • Splitting a code sample to hide distracting code
  • Declaratively highlighting symbols in your code sample
  • Replacing code with the results of transpilation to different files, or ancillary files like .d.ts or .map files
  • Handle multi-file imports in a single code sample
  • Creating a playground link for the code


See how TS Twoslash will grab the highlight information for identifiers in your code

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Highlights runtime types
Show Errors
Set Compiler Flags
Trims code
Show the JS
Show the DTS



Twoslash's usage guide is available on the npm README at @typescript/twoslash.